sleeve n
abutment sleeve
опорная втулка
abutment sleeve assembly
регулируемая распорная втулка
connecting sleeve
соединительная втулка
distance sleeve
распорная втулка
dust sleeve
пылезащитная втулка
(на оси колеса шасси) identification sleeve
бирка трубчатого типа
(для маркировки трубопроводов) insulating sleeve
изоляционная втулка
(свечи зажигания) locking sleeve
контровочная втулка
sleeve assembly
распорная втулка
sleeve nut
гайка распорной втулки
steering sleeve
поворотный хомут
throttle valve sleeve
втулка дозирующей иглы
tuck-in sleeve
гильза , установленная впритык

English-Russian aviation dictionary. 2015.

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  • sleeve — [sli:v] n [: Old English; Origin: sliefe] 1.) the part of a piece of clothing that covers all or part of your arm ▪ a dress with long sleeves long sleeved/short sleeved etc ▪ a short sleeved shirt 2.) have sth up your sleeve informal to have a… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • sleeve — ► NOUN 1) the part of a garment that wholly or partly covers a person s arm. 2) a protective paper or cardboard cover for a record. 3) a protective or connecting tube fitting over a rod, spindle, or smaller tube. 4) a windsock. ● up one s sleeve… …   English terms dictionary

  • sleeve — [slēv] n. [ME sleve < OE sliefe, akin to Du sloof, apron: for IE base see SLIP3] 1. that part of a garment that covers an arm or part of an arm 2. a tube or tubelike part fitting over or around another part 3. a thin paper or plastic cover for …   English World dictionary

  • Sleeve — (sl[=e]v), n. See {Sleave}, untwisted thread. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • sleeve — (n.) O.E. sliefe (W.Saxon), slefe (Mercian), from P.Gmc. *slaubjon (Cf. M.L.G. sloven to dress carelessly, O.H.G. sloufen to put on or off ). Related to O.E. sliefan put on (clothes) and slupan to slip, glide, from PIE root *sleubh to slide, slip …   Etymology dictionary

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